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Paisley motif has a beautifully travelled history through the Silk Routes. It’s origin, sheathed in different sources. What started as a Persian cypress tree motif, the Zoroastrian symbol for life and eternity, took many a meaning. Quite like the Zoroastrians, the Paisley too, migrated, assimilated and flourished into its many forms. From Kashmiri shawls traded by the East India company to Prince paying ode to Paisley with his song, Paisley Park. Popularised by the Beatles post their transformative trip to India, Paisley also become synonymous with the hippie era and rock & roll swagger.

Paisley for me is a feeling, an idea. It is not just a motif. It is the sweet taste of mangoes in my childhood. It is the learning and evolving from travels to places unknown. It is the artists and artisans who so meticulously worked to create the myriad forms of Paisley. It is going back into a time when the little me would sit on a mango tree dreaming to be an artist, a traveller, a maker… a Paisley Person.